Science Syllabus 6thGrade

Ms. Pat Thurman

Barret Traditional Middle School


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Phone: (502) 485-8207




The sixth grade curriculum recognizes learning as a developmental progression. It is designed to help children continually build on and revise their knowledge and abilities, starting from their curiosity about what they see around them and their initial conceptions about how the world works. The goal is to guide their knowledge toward a more scientifically based and coherent view of the natural sciences and engineering, as well as the ways in which they are pursued and results used.


Throughout the instructional cycle, special emphasis will be placed on developing and using models; analyzing and interpreting data; planning and conducting investigations; using mathematical and computational thinking; constructing explanations; designing and evaluating; and communicating.


Students will pursue 3 disciplines: (1) Physical Science, (2) Earth and Space Science, and (3) Engineering Design. Physical Science includes Structures and Properties of Matter, as well as Forces and Interactions. Earth and Space Science includes Space Systems; Earth Systems; History of the Earth; and Weather and Climate. Engineering Design requires students to define problems, conduct a thorough process for choosing best solutions, and optimize a final design. The core ideas will be blended with scientific and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts to support students in developing useable knowledge to explain real world phenomena.


Students will engage in scientific processes/practices that stimulate their natural curiosity, develop a deep understanding of science concepts while emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving skills that shape higher-level learning. All students will be actively engaged in investigations, as well as thinking, reading and communicating ideas. Expect your child to come home excited about science. Encourage him/her to share information about their investigations with you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.



Homework can be expected and is due the following class day, unless otherwise noted. Late assignments will not be accepted. Plagiarism is taking someone else's words or ideas as your own. Students who plagiarize will receive a grade of zero.


Absent students are responsible for making up all missed class work and homework. Check the class agenda, binder, or website to gather missed assignments. District policy will be followed – one day for each day absent plus one day. 


Components of Academic Grades

Academic grades will be on promotion and transition standards and will reflect what the student knows and is able to do.

Student engagement 20%

Student Progression 30%

Student Mastery 50%

Components of Conduct Grades

Conduct grades will not be computed as part of the academic grade but will represent the extent to which a student demonstrates:

  • Self-control and self-discipline 

  • Respects the rights and feelings of others

  • Accepts responsibility for actions

  • Cooperates in group activities



The purpose of science class is to teach students to problem solve, think, question, and create, rather that regurgitate. Using an inquiry based approach students discover science is a process, not a fixed point. At one time science believed the world was flat or if one traveled 35 mph the air would be sucked from one’s lungs. Science is always looking for the next answer, which in some instances could be the third or fourth answer, to understand our world.


Participation points can be earned by answering questions, asking questions, note taking, completing class assignments, small group work, bringing in outside resources, sharing ideas, sharing data, questioning the results of other groups, and assisting other students in their science work. This format encourages students to actively learn. Through inquiry students take the lead as they formulate their own questions and discover answers to their questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may only use blue or black ink unless otherwise directed.