Geoscience Processes Project 

1. Work together to decide which topic you will plan

2. Work together to decide how each member will contribute

   to the project

3. Be sure to include the answers to all the Key Questions in 

   your presentation

4. Your presentation will include a PowerPoint as a visual aide

5. Plan for your presentation on the Presentation Planning


6. Plan to present your information to your classmates

7. Be prepared to answer questions

8. As other groups present, you will complete a Presentation

   Summary Organizer


1. What are the 4 most important ideas about your topic?

 This can include a short presentation of the basics of your topic, but your presentation should go beyond what we have already learned in class about the topic. Tell us something new.


2. How does your topic relate to Earth’s changing surface?

Be sure to include information about the time and spatial scale for your topic. For example, is it a large or small scale? How long does it take for the change to take place?

3. How did scientists discover your topic?

This can include information about what scientists believed before the discovery of your topic, how they ere able to collect evidence about the topic, and whether or not they had trouble convincing other scientists that they were correct.


4. How is this topic related to current events today?

We know that Earth is constantly changing and that those changes are taking place right now. Include information about a way that your topic has been in the news recently. Have scientists discovered something new about it? Have scientists discovered something new about it? How is your topic impacting people today?

Students will be working in the computer lab on 1/24, and 1/25. Additional time may be required to complete the project.


Students will only be graded on their portion of the project.


Be ready to present to the class Wednesday,  1/30.