Element License Plate due March 4

Element License Plate Rubric

                                                                                                    Possible points

Spelling for slogan is correct (may be phonetic)                                         25

Phase for slogan at least 2 words                                                                 25

Element name and symbol                                                                             15

Atomic number of element                                                                             10

License plate is neat, colorful, and fills the page                                         25                               


Total Points Possible                                                                                     100



ASSIGNED 2/25… DUE …3/4


Use the Periodic Table of Elements to make an element “license” plate. 

Graphics must be included.  See the example below. 

A word, written in chemical symbols, may be spelled correctly or phonetically. Use the word to create a slogan. The slogan must be spelled correctly. The symbols must be upper and lower case appropriate. The name and atomic number of the element must be in the “box” with the symbol. You must use at least 4 different symbols. Your plate should fill an 8.5” x 11” sheet of unlined paper.  Product is to be display quality in the shape of a license plate.